Q1 What the name of Dickens' Malton friend? Charles Smithson
Q2 Where was he born? York House
Q3 What was his occupation? Solicitor
Q4 Where was his office? Chancery Lane
Q5 In which novel does his office feature? A Christmas Carol
Q6 What was the name of his house in Old Malton? Abbey House
Q7 Where was his house outside Malton? Easthorpe Hall
Q8 On one occasion when Dickens arrived at Malton, he hired a hearse to
travel onwards. From which location did he hire the hearse?
Talbot Hotel
Q9 Dickens based some of the characters in his novels on people he met in
Yorkshire.   Which character, based on a Mrs Jump, of Middlecave Road, 
appears in which novel?
Mrs McStinger/Dombey & Son
Q10 Dickens' brother lived in Greengate, Malton and later Scarborough
Road,  Norton.   What was his name?
Alfred Lamert Dickens
Q11 What was his occupation? Railway Engineer