Our Society performs a wide variety of talks and presentations.  The performances are usually done in Victorian costume by members, and last between 1 and 2 hours, depending on your
needs:  we are always pleased to include a session for questions at the end.  We charge upwards of £40.00 - negotiable! (plus travel expenses) to a group or society: all proceeds go towards the costs of running Scrooge's Counting House in Chancery Lane, Malton.

The presentations are designed to inform, amuse and entertain.  We have performed for many types of clubs, associations and schools.  If you are looking for something which is different, perhaps we can help.  We will always adapt the content to suit our audience, so please let us know via the Contact Us link above, or email our Secretary, Linda McCarthy on

Here are just some examples from our current repertoire:

SPARE THE ROD AND SPOIL THE CHILD – a look at the development of education during Dickens' time, illustrated with pictures, quotes and plenty of humour.

THE BIRTH OF THE POSTAGE STAMP - a history of the postal service from 1840, beautifully illustrated with a huge selection of stamps, including those featuring Charles Dickens.

WHO KILLED BOB CRATCHIT? – a spoof radio play following the lives of Scrooge and Cratchit from the end of A Christmas Carol.  A funny modern-day 'who-done-it', where the audience has to solve the crime.  Perfect for near Christmas time.

WHAT ON EARTH'S THAT? - an antiques guessing game using a wide selection of odd and curious artefacts from Victorian/Edwardian times.  This is a very 'hands-on' experience!

DICKENS' CHARACTERS – extracts from some of  the best- loved novels, showing his acute powers of description and observation.  Meet Mrs Gamp, Wackford Squeers and many others.

PROSTITUTION IN YORK – a sobering talk on the effects and impacts of 'the oldest profession' in York.  Find out why Grape Lane used to be called Grope Lane – perhaps you can take
a guess!

DICKENS' WOMEN – we look at his relationships with his mother, wife, daughters, friends and mistress, and how they were portrayed in his novels.

LIFE IN THE WORKHOUSE – A disturbing reminder of how the poor and desperate were treated during the nineteenth century, and how the workhouse could impact on anyone's life. 
With illustrations and extracts from workhouse documents.

DICKENS AND HIS CHILDREN – Dickens had ten children with his long-suffering wife Catherine.  Find out who they were and discover more about Dickens as a 'family' man.

YOU DON'T LOOK WELL! – a look at health, illness and remedies in Victorian England – not as gruesome as it could be with lots of amusing information, anecdotes and illustrations.

DICKENS AND HIS CONTEMPORARIES – find out about Dickens' relationships with Wilkie Collins, Mrs Gaskell, Hans Christian Anderson and others who were the literary giants of
Victorian times.

THE STREET CHILDREN OF DICKENS' LONDON – a look at the dreadful situations suffered by many children in Victorian times and those who helped to change their circumstances.

WILKIE COLLINS - HIS LIFE AND TIMES - an introduction to one of Dickens' more 'unusual' friends.   Author of The Woman in White and The Moonstone, Collins was an opium addict with a very colourful private life.

THE DICKENS SERIAL KILLER - written by our Chairman, Brian Oxberry, and performed at Ryedale Book Festival 2012, and at Scarborough library, another 'who-done-it?' spoof radio play, with multiple murders taking place in moderrn Rydedale, featuring colourful characters with names from Dickens novels - a bit grisly but great fun! 

A DICKENS TIME-LINE -  a fascinating look at the life of Dickens, and the major events going on in England and around the world at the same time.

HENRY MAYHEW'S LONDON - Mayhew was a contemporary of Dickens - but he interviewed real living people and wrote graphic accounts of their everyday life (now called investigative journalism).  Much of his work dates back to 1861, nine years before Dickens's death.   

DICKENS, DETECTION AND DIRTY DEEDS - an investigation into some of the crimes -and their perpetrators in Dickens's novels, and some of the most notorious real life cases in Victorian England.  Ends with a musical quiz of famous detectives!

FAGIN'S FOLLY - again written by Brian Oxberry, performed at the 2014 Ryedale Book Festival.  A murder mystery involving fraud and other dastardly deeds.

THE OLDEST PROFESSION - a whistlestop journey through the history of prostitution, with plenty of humour and lesser-known facts involving politicians and kings!

BETTER TO BE STRONG THAN PRETTY AND USELESS - a look at how Dickens portrayed women in his novels - and why.

DICKENS - THE MAN WHO INVENTED CHRISTMAS? - a look at the history of our Christmas customs, and at how the Dickens influence lives on.

A CHRITMAS CAROL - a presentation based on an edited version of this well-known and probably most loved book.

You can find what performances are currently scheduled by clicking on the Events Programme tab at upper left of the screen